What is the difference between managed recruitment and normal staffing?
The main difference is that you pay a one time fee with managed recruitment but still receive all the benefits that a normal staffing company would provide.
How many candidates will I receive?

It completely depends on the role you are recruiting for, the salary and the competitiveness within the market. What you can rest assured on, is that if candidates with the right qualifications are browsing for a similar role to yours, we will ensure that we speak to them and let them know about your job opening.

Will you be involved in the interview process?

No, we will not be involved. We’re more than happy to help you with some great questions, tips and advice, but our job is to get great candidates sitting in front of you; ready to be interviewed. You have 100% control over the questions that you ask and the final decision that is made.

What does fixed fee mean in this instance?
Fixed fee means that we will only charge you a one time fee to deliver qualified candidates to you.  This fee will vary based on the package you select.
How long will it be before I can start interviewing?
You can begin interviewing as soon as our hiring experts upload candidates into the Applicant Tracking System.  You will be alerted when this happens so results will be instant.
What happens if I do not hire anyone you have sent me?

Although we are very confident and experienced in our candidate vetting abilities, if such a case presents itself, we are more than willing to begin a new campaign and provide an appropriate discount.

Our Promise

Using our team of recruitment experts and industry thought leaders we will greatly minimize the work involved during the hiring process and provide top tier candidates to all our clients at a very modest cost.